New info available about Tushek Forego T700

Tushek has released last week new information about their latest supercar which will be sold with the Forgeo T700 moniker. We’ve heard of this car about a year ago when the automaker released a teaser, but now we have more in-depth details about their latest offering. Scheduled to hit the market sometime this year, the Forego T700 will feature a carbon titanium body together with a carbon fiber monocoque which will allow it to tip the scales at just 2,204 lbs (1,000 kg).

Power is expected to come from an Audi-sourced V8 FSI engine churning no less than 700 HP (515 kW).

The firm’s previous model is the Renovatio T500 which develops “only” 450 HP (331 kW). This is a roadster, while the T700 is going to be a considerably lighter coupe. As a consequence, it will be faster than the T500 which hits 62 mph (100 km/h) in 3.7 seconds and can achieve a top speed of more than 193 mph (310 km/h). This means the T700 should do the sprint in about three seconds en route to a top speed of more than 200 mph.

Source: GT Spirit

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