Nissan completes Project 370Z

A few months ago Nissan requested fan feedback on the Nissan Performance Facebook page in order to create a crowd-sourced 370Z track car. Dubbed as the “Project 370Z”, the work on the car has finally been completed after two stages. In the first one they’ve implemented some upgrades to the engine and handling by adding a Greedy turbo kit, StopTech brakes and a KW suspension kit. In the second stage of the development they’ve developed a custom tune, Volk forged aluminum wheels, interior upgrades, along with a matte grey vinyl wrap. The video below shows the custom 370Z “exercising” on The Tail of the Dragon, part of the 2012 ZDayZ festivities. This occurred back in May but Nissan released the video only this week.

The Nissan Project 370Z is motivated by the same V6 3.7-liter engine which now can develop more than 500 hp, considerably more in comparison to the standard output of the engine which pumps out 332 hp. The bad news is that Nissan doesn’t plan on creating a production version of this custom 370Z but this might happen sooner or later taking into account what happened with the Super Juke which got a limited production run under the Juke-R moniker. Of course, this will happen only if the received feedback is positive.

Nissan Project 370Z

Source: Nissan Performance

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