Nissan Extrem concept debuts at Sao Paulo Motor Show

For this year’s edition of the Sao Paulo Motor Show, the Japanese automaker Nissan has decided to bring the Extrem concept which was specially developed for the Brazilian market, a response to the increasing sales that the firm has enjoyed in the country in the last few years. Back in 2011 Nissan managed to increase its sales by two percent, while a year earlier they doubled the number of delivered cars.

The Nissan Extrem would have to be a smallish 2+2 crossover based on the V-platform that has been used for the American version of the Versa sedan, as well as the global versions of the Micra supermini.

Compared to the Juke, the Extrem concept is considerably smaller as it is 3850mm long, 1765mm wide and 1530mm tall. It has a 2450mm wheelbase and adopts various design ideas from other Nissans, such as the front grille and fenders with air vents of the GT-R, as well as the headlamp design and roofline of the 370Z. Motivation is provided by a 1.6-liter DIG-T turbocharged engine that can be connected to either a front-wheel drive configuration or a four-wheel drive setup with the torque vectoring system.

For the moment this will only remain as a concept, but Nissan’s officials did say that some of the styling cues could be implemented in future models designed not only for the Brazilian market but for other regions of the world as well.

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