Previous-gen BMW 760i upgraded by G-Power

The previous generation BMW 760i has been thoroughly upgraded by German tuner G-Power. They worked on the flagship version which is equipped with the mighty bi-turbo V12 engine that has now been massaged to deliver an extra 66 PS (49 kW) and 89 lb-ft (120 Nm) of torque, thus increasing the total output to a very impressive 610 PS (513 kW) available at 6,000 rpm while the maximum torque of 870 Nm (642 lb-ft) is attainable from 2,600 rpm. The added oomph will set you back €2,600 and in return the 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) will drop to just 4.3 seconds.

BMW 760i by G-Power
BMW 760i by G-Power

Besides making the BMW 760i stronger, the mechanics at G-Power decided to remove the stock wheels to make room for a custom set of 21-inch HURRICANE forged alloy wheels priced at €7,647 which come bundled with 255/35 ZR21 front and 295/30 ZR21 rear tires provided by Michelin.
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It’s a bit too late in the game to release a power upgrade program for the 7-Series (F01 generation) which has been replaced by an all-new model which is bound to receive a new 760i version in the months to come and it will likely be more powerful and lighter than the model it replaces.

Source: G-Power

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