Puritalia 427 Roadster prototype unleashed

It was 2012 when Puritalia published several renderings with the 427 Roadster and now they are showing several pictures of a near-production prototype wearing a light coat of primer. This vehicle is going to be used by the company to test the vehicle’s mechanicals as well as its driving characteristics. The car’s design is an inspiration from the classic 1965 Shelby Cobra but with modern technology such as the carbon composite body along with a chassis made from a combination of aluminum and chromoly.

Puritalia 427 Roadster-1

Puritalia plans to offer two engines for the 427 Roadster, starting with a V8 5.0-liter offering 445 HP and a maximum torque of 530 Nm. There will also be a supercharged variant of this motor that will churn 605 HP and 640 Nm.

Puritalia 427 Roadster-2

Source: Puritalia

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