Range Rover gets new looks from Onyx Concept

If you have recently purchased a Range Rover but you want to radically modify the car’s aesthetics, give Onyx Concept a call as they would be more than happy to give your British off-roader entirely new clothing that will look so different you won’t be able to remember how your car looked before the makeover. Jokes aside, the Range Rover by Onyx Concept is fitted with a full body carbon fiber kit and has a 27mm wider wheelbase compared to the standard model. In addition, the vehicle has been brought closer to the ground by 25mm which has improved its cornering stability.

Range Rover by Onyx Concept-1

In addition, the brains behind Onyx Concept have fiddled with the Range Rover’s well-known supercharged V8 5.0-liter engine and bumped its output by 115 HP which means the power unit is now capable of churning 625 HP.
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Source: Onyx Concept

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