Reckless Ford F-250 driver receives instant karma

Behind the wheel of a Ford F-250, this reckless driver received what he deserved. After tailgating the woman inside the vehicle from which the video was taken, the truck driver decided to start showing her the finger but failed to see the car in front and made a last-second turn. As a result of the sudden maneuver, he lost control of the F-250 and eventually crashed on the other side of the road. At first he left the accident scene but the authorities in Tampa, Florida managed to apprehend him and now he is facing some serious charges.

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  • H

    The car videotaping is an a$$. Just as responsible for causing the accident as the f250 driver even if they could not be charged. Keep right except to pass, speeding up when they tried to pass in the right. Just a selfish a$$ who thinks they own the road.

    • xmen

      I guess you are as redneck piece of a$$ as the owner of the ford to think like that. She shows there’s nobody on the side so he could pass her. She’s going about the speed so she’s passing those two cars on the right lane and tailgating is prohibited everywhere no matter what except if it is an emergency and still it’s not justified. So, you’re on medicated weed to think like that or maybe just as dumb as this pickup redneck driver.

      • Jeff

        Or you could know the law, that slower traffic must keep to the right. The left lane is for passing, which she did, and then she failed to get over. He shouldn’t have tailgated, but she appeared to be staying in the passing lane to piss him off. It worked.