Renault Initiale Paris Concept revealed in first official pics

These are the first official images with the forthcoming Initiale Paris concept from Renault which will be shown in the metal starting tomorrow at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. It will serve as a preview for the next generation of the Espace which has already been confirmed to come out sometime next year. We assume the concept seen in these leaked official photos will act as a preview for the new French people-carrier which will undergo some massive changes in comparison to the outgoing model which hasn’t been doing so well in terms of sales.

Renault Initiale Paris concept-1

Chances are it will be the most appealing car in the segment as far as design is concerned since the model will lose the minivan design in favor of a crossover-ish appearance which should make it an interesting model. Further info about the Initiale Paris concept will be available as early as tomorrow.

Renault Initiale Paris concept-2

Source: Autocar

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