Saving Money On Tollbooths

Your bank account loses money every time you drive yourself through a toll. This may be upsetting, as you work for money. When you factor in a trip’s cost, you have to include not just gas money but toll money, too. Keep reading to find out ways that you may save on the expense of tolls!

Share the ride

If you or a colleague would like to take a break from driving, you may split the cost of toll booths. This will benefit both of you. In addition to this, it is a given that you will be splitting the cost of gas. You’ll both have extra money to spend on other things if you divvy up the cost sometimes. We are aware that this is probably easier said than done, however, it is possible when you find a buddy who shares your work schedule.

Avoid Tolls

When you’re looking up a driving route, many websites will let you check an option to avoid toll booths. Many drivers feel that this is a good way to avoid tolls. You will also have an interesting drive, with more farms, shops, lakes and streams on your way to a destination, whereas the highway is only full of trees. Toll booths generally get backed up during commuting hours, too, costing you more time and gas. Thank goodness for the World Wide Web and its available driving resources! We honestly don’t remember how we drove from place to place without it…oh, yes, paper maps.

Use an Electronic Payment Method

A TxTag or similar electronic-payment will reduce toll costs, but will also cut down your time at the toll both. With a TxTag or similar method, you may not have to stop for the toll, and it may be like you never really went through the toll. We recommend that if you are renting a car, you bring your TxTag or other type of electronic payment with you. However, make sure that your rental car’s transponder box is closed before use. It is also becoming more common for electronic-payment only tolls to pop up. If you do not have a TxTag or a similar system for the tolls, a photo of your vehicle will be taken and you will be billed for payment later, frequently with an administrative fee attached. Keep in mind where you’re traveling, though, not every type of electronic payment will work in all parts of the country.

Closing Remarks

As we’ve indicated above, three ways that you may save on tolls are to use to carpool, avoid tolls altogether or use an electronic payment method. You may drive through toll booths each morning on your way to work and back to your house every night. Maybe you almost never encounter a tollbooth. Nevertheless, we hope that you’ve liked this article on how to save money on tolls! Thank you very much to this Houston, TX car dealership for their assistance with this article!

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