Chrysler Check Engine Light: Breaking The Manufacturers Code

It was a terrible day at work, projects blown out of proportion, missed deadlines and clients backing out. What could be more frustrating than that? Finally, it is time to go home and at least feel comfortable and out of the stresses of life. The remote car lock beeps and inside that comfortable Chrysler 300, it speeds up faster than you can say go.

While on the road, a light starts to pop. It’s every car owner’s nightmare to see that dreaded “ check engine” light.  It comes with no warning and vehicle owners know what it means – a trip to the mechanic.  Unless the car suddenly stops and smoke comes out, better take that car manual and check what the light means. You can get this checked out by visiting your local Chrysler dealership like Kayser Chrysler Center in Wisconsin.

2013 Chrysler 300 Motown Edition-5

Breaking the Codes

For most Chrysler models there are various codes that needs to be read for what it means. Take that manual out and check for the abbreviations, if unsure there are other ways to check. Read websites that discuss these abbreviations and there are probably  hundreds of pages that car owners can refer to.

When searching for the Check engine light with an OBD II scan tool, follow these steps:

  1. Near the steering column there’s a 16-pin data link connector, connect it with the scan tool.
  2. Turn the ignition on
  3. Carefully read the scanners manufacturing handbook and start from there. There will be various codes that will be seen depending on the cars problem. Below is a list of these codes.

If P1105 is seen, it means Open Or Shorted Condition Detected In The Baro Read Solenoid Control Circuit. It usually needs automotive circuit testing and technical and wiring know-how.  For P1284, Fuel Injection Pump Battery Voltage Out Of Range. There are codes that tell when the Engine Operating Temp Below Acceptable Range or when CNG Pressure Sensor Voltage is Too High or  too low.

If any of these signs (more codes on manual) are seen, it is better to have that Chrysler checked by a licensed and accredited Chrysler mechanic.

Hiring The Decoder

Chrysler is an American automotive Brand consolidate from an Italian Manufacturer. Founded in 1925, the Chrysler Brand boasts of  renowned and driver’s choice trucks and SUV’s. Now, when that check engine light suddenly pops out, do not head for the usual shop around the corner. Instead head out and look for a licensed Chrysler mechanic.

  • These people know what they are doing and will give an automatic update regarding the car’s problem. They are reliable and trustworthy and will give an upfront cost of how much the repair would cost.
  • Legitimate Chrysler Technicians will also have complete certificates and training regarding different Chrysler engine codes. Once they read a code, they can instantly detect whether it needs new parts or simply just needs more testing.

In times of desperation, people’s judgment can often lead to more complications. With the Chrysler Check Engine Light guidelines, panicking is not an option. Presence of mind and a little technical know-how will do the job.

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