Top 5 cars for under £10,000

It used to be that if you wanted a bargain when buying a car, the best option was to buy used. However the industry has fought hard throughout the recession to find innovative ways of producing cars more cheaply. As a result many people are choosing to buy new cars with lower running costs.

Manufacturer’s warranties mean that with a new car you’ll also save money on servicing and repairs. Trips to test centres such as MOT Farnham are three years away and you’re much less likely to encounter mechanical problems.

Here are five of the best little run-arounds that can be picked up for less than £10,000.

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Skoda Citigo

This stylish little Skoda has been around for a few years now but it is still sets the standard when it comes to small cars. Skoda’s Citigo feels grown-up to drive, is economical and well built. It’s also a few hundred pounds cheaper than the Volkswagen Up.

Hyundai i10

The i10 is the smallest car in the range but it boasts a great deal of features and extras making it a real bargain at £9845. All models have air-con as standard, good safety kit and decent interior room for a Supermini. Running costs are also low in terms of fuel economy as well as cheap insurance and road tax.

Ford Fiesta

Most models do cost more than £10,000 but there are a couple of three-door options that slip in just under that figure. The Fiesta has been the UK’s best-selling car for a few years now, combining striking good looks with a range of features to make it a most affable little car. An excellent suspension system and superb handling make it a pleasure to drive.

Volkswagon Up

The VW Up uses many of the same parts that you’ll find in the Skoda Citigo, but it costs a bit more. Still, any Volkswagen coming in at under £10,000 is good value for money. Compact and economical, but with a  three cylinder engine that feels underpowered at motorway speeds, the Up is better suited for shorter journeys than long distance cruising. Averaging 64.2 mpg and with road tax only £20 per year, running costs for the Up are minimal.

Peugeot 208

The Peugeot 208 is a proper little charmer. Full of character with dazzling good looks it’s been a welcome addition to the Peugeot family. Although small on the outside, the interior is surprisingly spacious and its futuristic design is a real winner. A good option is to go for the diesel as it is exempt from road tax.

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