Which car parts are the most expensive to repair or replace ?

If you are about to purchase a vehicle and are concerned about potential repair costs, the infographic below provided by ArrigoPalmBeach.com will bring you up to date regarding which are the most expensive parts to repair or replace. On top of the list we find the hybrid invertor assembly which on average costs a whopping $4,098. Just as expensive is the transmission and torque convertor priced at about $3,982. In third place comes the transmission assembly and reprogram of the ECM which will set you back no less than $3,644. Other high-expense replacements include cylinder head assembly and spark plugs ($3,575) and transfer case shift motor ($3,272).

Arrigo Car Tips

The moral of the story? It’s best to prevent these issues by doing a thorough check-up of your car once in a while to detect some of the most common problems.

Source: ArrigoPalmBeach.com

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