What To Do When Your Car Is Damaged

The pain of damaging your car lingers, whether you were injured in the accident or not. There are a million and one questions floating around your head in the aftermath of this horrible incident, and you don’t know a single answer to any of them.

Whilst it can be quite disheartening to have a damaged car, whether it’s something as huge as a busted headlight and bonnet, or something as small as a light scratch or a burst tyre, there’s always a way back from this moment of devastation.

Car Accident

See if the problem is something you can fix.

First of all, before you start panicking (I may be too late in saying that), take a deep breath and inspect the damage. You might find, once you’ve overcome the pain of seeing your beautiful machine in pain, that there’s actually a simple solution to fixing it. In fact, it may even turn out to be a problem that you’re capable of solving through a little DIY.

If the problem is a flat tyre, for instance, you can easily sort that out. If there’s a puncture, you can replace the tyre with a spare (from any local garage). Of course, the solution doesn’t have to stop there. If you want to avoid problems with your tyres in the future, you could conduct regular self-maintenance to ensure something like that doesn’t happen again; next time you might do your car even more damage.

Always check your tyre pressure and measure their tread depth. Also, make sure you keep your car clean to avoid dirt clogging up anything important. This is about keeping you and other people safe on the road just as much as it is about keeping your car well-maintained.

If you can’t fix the problem, get professional help.

For whatever reason, maybe the problem isn’t something you can fix. Even if there’s only minor damage, if the cause was an accident on the road, then it’s something you can’t handle on your own. The incident becomes a legal issue when another party is involved, meaning you need to find out what your insurance covers, where you stand in terms of compensation from or payment to the other party, and how much of the damages will be covered in repairs.

Take the opportunity to rent a beautiful car.

Whilst your car is in the repair shop, you’re not doing yourself any favours sitting around and moping. In fact, you most likely still have things to do and you need transport to get around from A to B. When it comes to work, a broken car is no excuse to not be in on time, and trains or buses aren’t always the most reliable forms of transportation; especially not at 8am on a Monday morning.

Turn this into a good situation. It doesn’t have to be something bad. There might be a beautiful car you’ve always wanted to drive, and now you can. You could look into the mph club for some help with choosing a luxury vehicle for rental. Your car might only be in the garage for a few days, so you could just rent a luxury car for a few hours each day, here and there, to bring yourself a little enjoyment during this difficult time.

Remember, a damaged car isn’t the end of the world. If you have good insurance cover, you’ll find that the costs are easily manageable and, depending on the nature of the incident, hopefully very minimal for you. You should have your car back on the road in no time, if the damage is fixable.

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