Listen to Your Car

When it comes to owning a car a few things are for certain. One is that you never seem to be anywhere else other than the gas station. Another is that, no matter where you go, there are always going to be people on the road that annoy you. And another is that your car always lets you know what state it is in. Your car will always try to tell you things about itself (despite its lack of mouth or ability to speak). It’s your job to listen out for these calls and act accordingly once you’ve heard something.

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You should quite literally listen to your car as the sound it makes will reveal its condition. Whether it be under the hood, under the car itself or elsewhere outside of the car you should try to listen out for certain noises. Most of the time these noises will be brought to your attention without you searching out for them, but sometimes it is a good idea to actively listen out for things. For instance, you should open the hood of your car every so often and just listen to the engine. To give yourself the best possible opportunity to hear something in this area you should do it in the quietest surroundings possible. You should start the engine and lean over it, making sure that neither your hair nor your clothes are hanging loose. You should then listen attentively for different sounds, paying closest attention sounds of clattering, clanging or metal rubbing against other pieces of metal. All of these sounds are warning signs that your engine is not working as it should. If you hear them, take action. If you are qualified and trained in mechanics, then you do what you see fit to fix the situation. If you are not, then seek help from a professional mechanic. And if you are not, chances are you won’t know what sounds to listen out for. If this is the case then fear not. You can match the noise your car makes to those found here in order to help you diagnose the problem.

You can cut the costs when it comes to your car by simply listening to it. By taking action as soon as you hear something that doesn’t sound ‘right’ then you can get the damage fixed before it gets worse, and more costly. As well as this, listening to your car allows you more chance of diagnosing exactly what is wrong with it. And when you know exactly what is wrong with your car it allows for you to save on time too. If your car is telling you that it is past the point of repair then you can save on time in regards to where you take it to have it taken off your hands. Some places will not take cars that are on their way out or written off. Some, such as this car buyer, will. By knowing what state your car is in you can judge better where is best and most suitable to take it. Thus, this means you won’t be wasting any time or efforts taking it to a place where it will be rejected.


By simply listening to your car you can learn a whole lot about it. So, make sure to keep your ears peeled. And the next time you hear something that doesn’t sound ‘right’, don’t ignore it!

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