Skoda FUNstar concept arrives at Worthersee

The Skoda FUNstar concept is currently on display at Wörthersee in Austria as a special project developed by the company’s apprentices. As you can see, the third generation of the Fabia supermini has made the transition to a pickup truck and has received a set of large 18-inch rims sourced from the Octavia RS hot hatchback/wagon. Initially, Skoda’s apprentices wanted to squeeze in the beefy 1.8 TFSI engine but it was just too big so in the end they decided to put the 1.2 TSI which has been connected to a dual clutch 7-speed transmission.

Skoda FUNstar concept
Skoda FUNstar concept

The car comes with a stainless steel pickup bed which was installed after eliminating the rear doors while additional reinforcements and wider B pillars were necessary to make the Skoda FUNstar concept safe. On the inside there are a couple of cosmetic tweaks along with a powerful 1,400-watt sound system that comes with a 200-watt subwoofer.
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Other tweaks include neon green accents on the body, wheels, door panels and headlights while the rear end hosts a shiny exhaust tip. There’s also a dual vented hood which might seem a bit much taking into account underneath is just a small 1.2-liter turbo engine.

Source: Skoda

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