SRT Viper production stopped

SRT is having major problems with the Viper because the car has remained unpopular as the company delivered only 91 cars in the first two months of the year. Due to this very slow demand, production of the model has been halted for a minimum of two months until they get rid of the 756 units which at this moment are unsold and represent 412 days of supply. As a result of this drastic decision, a spokeswoman has announced 91 hourly workers in Detroit at Chrysler’s Conner Avenue Assembly will lose their jobs.

SRT Viper

There are a lot of reasons why the SRT Viper is a failure, starting of course with its very steep price of $102,485. Add to this equation there’s no automatic gearbox on offer and the fact that Chevrolet is asking a lot less for the new Corvette Stingray, and it’s easy to imagine why the Viper is a flop. Chances are the situation won’t get better in the future since the Corvette Z06 is slated to come out early next year.

Source: Automotive News

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