Subaru Goes X-Treme With The New WRX

Subaru have always been ahead of the game when it comes to offroad cars. There’s a reason that the maker is relied on for producing cars for rallying. However, The WRX for 2018 takes things one step further. It’s not just a car that you can drive to enjoy those rough, swinging bends. Nor, is it simply the vehicle that you would like to drive to the office. It’s everything, it ticks every box you need it to. Let’s look at this latest iteration or the WRX exploring what’s been changed and what has drastically improved.

2016 Subaru WRX & WRX STI

The Style

Before you even slide into the those luxurious leather seats of the WRX, you need to take a moment to admire this vehicle’s style. There’s no getting around it. This is one beautiful machine. It has killer curves and sharp edges with just the slightest hint of a spoiler at the back. It’s subtle, yet distinguished and we certainly have to hand it to Subaru for creating a 4 wheel drive car that looks as much like a business saloon as it does a vehicle that’s born for muddy roads.

Under The Hood

If you fell in love with the WRX a long time ago, you might not think much has changed in the new model. There are certain similarities to behold underneath the hood. It’s the 2-litre engine that you might know and love? You know the one that gives you an incredible herd of 268 horses? Well, that’s still there, as is the weight you’re used to as you swing it around the corners. Yes, on the surface, very little has changed.

Yet, if you take a closer look and check for the smallest little details, you’ll see that enough has changed to think that you’re driving a brand new vehicle. Both the steering and the transmission have been tweaked. The aim here is to make sure that the car gives you a smoother ride and is more desirable to novice drivers. You don’t need to be great at handling a ferocious beast to drive this car, and it’s a lot more forgiving compared to other models.

The Cost?

This car is still fairly cheap for what it is and the type of experience it can give you. You will soon be able to find it in the new Subaru Inventory. It falls in at just under thirty grand which is considerably cheaper than the competition like the new Ford. It’s faster and more powerful than the Ford too, though you are losing the chance at an ultra stylish vehicle. The WRX knows it’s priorities and it certainly isn’t trying to make you feel like you’re driving a luxury car. The interior is still pretty basic, though by adding a little to the cost you can upgrade it substantially.

Should You Buy?

If you want a fun, powerful car for the road, this could be the pick for you. Many people have said that Subaru is trying to redefine that old and dated sports compact. If the new WRX is the first step towards doing this, they are certainly heading in the right direction.

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