The Superior Model : BMW 1M Sedan Unveiled

BMW 1M Sedan is the first modular front-wheel drive car with four-door body style in BMW history, which has been recently unveiled in China, the 1 Series Sedan. This is the model that boasts of providing an extravagant essence of intensity – by connecting the man, machine, and road. It directly competes with Audi’s Posh A3 and Mercedes-Benz’s deluxe CLA-Class.


Undoubtedly, the inherent richness of this model shines once you drive this car on any decent road. The driving dynamics of this model includes the premium 1 M’s super-quick steering combined with a compact wheelbase, 6-speed Manual transmission, and M TwinPower Turbo, makes it feeling like an absolute charm. Its elastic grip is just stunning.

The sumptuous body appears with a powerful exterior design allowing the maximum performance and uncompromising strength. The gorgeous interior gives an impeccable riding experience with its advanced infotainment panel, leather steering wheel, and comfortable sports seats. Overall, its distinct appearance, powerful engine, metallic & sleek body, the marvelous features & facilities, and superior interior will bring you the seamless experience of a motor sports adventure each and every day.

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