SUV and the City: 4x4s Are Great Regardless of Where You Live

SUVs are some of the most awesome, capable vehicles out there- but many cast them aside when they’re looking to purchase a vehicle because they live in a city, town or built up area. However SUVs and 4x4s can make an excellent choice regardless of where you live, you might not be using it off road, but there are still a ton of great benefits. Here are just a few of them.

The Space

Sick of squeezing you, your partner, your 2.5 kids, pushchairs, bags and everything else into a hatchback? SUVs are big vehicles, meaning they can be the perfect choice for families. No more feeling cramped on long family journeys and you have all of the room for everything you need. If your kids have friends with them or you’re picking up extended family, a larger vehicle allows you to do this. You can easily fit things like bicycles or large grocery shops in the back meaning they can be ideal vehicles for busy family life

The Safety Features

Safety is an important consideration for any vehicle you purchase. SUVs are often very luxurious, and of course, the newer models will all be kitted out with the best and newest technology. Things like cameras and parking sensors make them ideal for life in built up areas, whether you’re traveling through busy city centers surrounded by people or doing maneuvers, these kinds of features help to keep you and others safe.

They’re Not As Expensive (or Harmful To The Environment) As You Might Think

Larger vehicles like SUVs and 4x4s have the reputation of being gas guzzlers, which of course is bad news for both your wallet and the environment. However, not all models deserve this reputation, many are made with the same engines as smaller cars and economy- wise perform similarly. Standard cars can also be bad for the environment, the trick is to check the emission levels of the models you have in mind before making the purchase. Many will be far kinder to the environment than you might think.

They Make a Good Hobby

Even if you live in a city, you can still use your 4×4 as a hobby. There are lots of hobby parks, and tracks dotted around if you want to see what it’s capable of and really put it through its paces. You may want to consider looking into 4×4 suspension accessories and other add ons to give you the best performance possible. So even if it mainly gets used around the city, you always have the option of doing more with it if you want to.

They Look Great

From a purely cosmetic point of view, SUVs look incredible. If you want an impressive, beautiful vehicle, then they are always going to be a fine choice. You work hard for your money and are entitled to spend it however you like if you love the look of an SUV and have always wanted to own one then go for it! As the points above show, you don’t have to be an off roader for it to be a fantastic vehicle choice.

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