No one wants to get caught up in a car accident, but it doesn’t matter how safely you drive or how many gadgets and gizmos you install in your vehicle to prevent them, you can’t control the behavior of others. That means you always have to stay alert on the road.

If despite your best efforts, you are unfortunate enough to get into an accident, there are a few things you should never do in the aftermath for a whole host of reasons. Here are some of the most important:

Leave Your Vehicle in the Road

If you get into an accident, it might not always be possible, but if you can, you should get your car out of the road and off to the side. Simply parking it in the road and getting out of your vehicle, especially on a busy freeway, for example, is extremely dangerous, not only for you but for other road users. Do whatever you can to get to the side and then call the authorities in.


If you happen to be the cause of an accident, any cop will tell you that the worst thing you could possibly do is flee. Chances are, if you do, you’ll get caught on camera and you’ll be found. Then, you’ll quite probably be in trouble with the law and possibly forced to pay out a lot of money in compensation. Even if it’s just a ding, do the responsible thing and own up to what you’ve done.

Clean Up the Mess

So, your car is wrecked, and there’s debris all over the place you might think that you’ll be helping if you try to clear it up, but actually, you could be putting yourself at danger. Any personal injury legal professional will tell you that, although you may be able to get compensation for an accident that was caused by another party on the road, you won’t get anything for putting yourself in danger and y’know, medical bills are pretty high! Then, there’s the risk of causing another road user to have an accident to consider too! Let a professional wrecking crew deal with the aftermath – it’s best all around.

Not Call the Authorities

If you have an accident on the road, even if it feels fairly minor, it is probably a good idea to at least phone it into the local authorities, so that they can make a record of it, not only because you are legally obliged to do so in some states, but also, should you need to make an insurance claim, you will need as much proof backing you up as you can. Call the police.

Assume You’re Fine

If you’ve been in a collision, even if you feel fine and it seems like you have nothing more than a few cuts and bruises to contend with, never discount the fact that you might have been hurt more than you think. If you don’t trouble the emergency room, then at the very least, keep an eye on yourself for signs of more serious injury like concussion, and tell someone close what’s happened so they can do the same. It’s shocking how many drivers brush things off and end up seriously ill as a result.

Leave others to Deal with It

If your accident involved other people, then you really should take the time to check they’re okay and help them out as best you can. I know you might be busy, in shock, or more concerned about your own family, but giving a little time and thought to your fellow man is something that you should always aim to do. In fact, it could help to keep you all safer than if you try to deal with the accident separately.

Get Into a Fight

You might be 100 percent sure that it was that one guy in front who caused you all to end up in a collision, but try not to get all confrontational, or even worse, into a fight with anyone at the scene of an accident. That’ll just mean one more police report, more trauma and possibly even the worsening of injuries. It’s not worth it.

Don’t Admit Responsibility

Any lawyer will tell you it’s a bad idea to admit responsibility on the scene, even if you think you were. Let the authorities investigate – that’s the best way to get to the truth of the matter without incriminating yourself possibly erroneously.

Don’t do any of this stuff when you find yourself caught up in a car accident and you’ll be just fine.

If you’re involved in a car accident, whether or not it was your fault or if you are directly involved in the crash, there are steps you need to take in order to ensure the safety of you, your passengers and the people around you. Everyone’s read those “things to do when you have a car accident” style articles that have more than prepared us for the eventuality of a crash. But what about the things we should avoid?

There are plenty of things that we all instinctively do during an accident that leads us into deeper trouble or harm our chances of making a successful insurance claim, but what are those things? Below is a couple of things you should avoid doing when involved in a crash, but if you want further information on how to overcome the stressful period that follows after an incident, new details can be found here that will give you the help you need.

Don’t leave the scene of the crash


This is at the top because it’s also the most important point to remember. If you are leaving the scene of the crash then you’re going to be in a lot of trouble. Even if the damage is minor and no one is injured, the incident has to be recorded and the last thing you should do is drive away.


Regardless of the condition of the cars or people involved in a crash, it has to be reported to the local authorities and you need to exchange information. If someone actually is injured and you drive away, then depending on where you live, your crime could be elevated from a misdemeanour offence to a felony. As someone involved in the crash, you need to provide car for those involved and also transport people if necessary.


Don’t throw a tantrum


Being involved in a crash isn’t pleasant and no one wants to be in that situation. It’s even worse when the accident wasn’t your fault, and you might be tempted to get mad and start screaming at other people. Sadly, no matter how unpleasant the situation, you have to remain calm so that you can act accordingly, deal with the situation properly and ensure that everyone, even the buffoon that crashed into you, is safe.


When you have to speak to the other driver, don’t open up with insults or jokes. Be serious, take care of them if they are injured, and don’t start yelling if they scream at you. Be the better person and understand that you’re both in a bad situation and someone needs to keep their cool.

Don’t admit it’s your fault


Unless you want to be legally liable for the accident and expose yourself to a lawsuit, you never want to admit that the accident is your fault. Keep your head screwed on tight and let the judge decide if it’s your fault. Most car accidents typically don’t end up as a lawsuit and instead, it’s only the insurance companies you have to speak to.


Unfortunately, if you openly admit it’s your fault, then you could be liable to go to court and you might even be fined or lose your driving license.

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There are few things in life for sudden and traumatic than a car accident. By its very nature, it’s something that comes out of nowhere when you’re least prepared for it. Whether it’s a collision with another driver or the result of wet and slippery roads, the one thing that all car accidents have in common is that they can be seriously difficult to recover from. Not just because of the potential for physical injury that they carry with them but because of a whole host of other factors as well including psychological trauma, not to mention the financial implications that can often come along with it. It might not seem as significant to a lot of people than plenty of other life events, but it shouldn’t be understated just how much of a long-term impact a car accident can have on someone’s life. The worst thing about the crash is the utter lack of control that it forces onto you. Not only do you feel completely stripped of control in the moment but that feeling can end up carrying on for a surprisingly long time. The most important thing that you can do after a crash is to try and take that control back. With that in mind, and in an effort to make the entire process at least a little easier, here are a few ways that you can do after a car crash to help you feel more secure and give you back your love of driving.


Take time to process


The biggest mistake that a lot of people make is that they assume that they can slip back into their life without any problems following a crash. A lot of the time the full impact of what happened won’t hit you until a little while after the fact. While you might feel as though you’re able to bounce back without a moment’s hesitation, but it’s a good idea not to rush into anything too quickly. Be willing to take the right amount of time to process everything that happened and don’t feel any pressure to feel completely fine straight away. A car crash can be a really traumatic experience and there’s nothing wrong with needing to deal with it in your own time. Don’t let anyone tell you how you should or shouldn’t be dealing with your feelings.

Get the official stuff out of the way

It might be tempting to put off dealing with any legal proceedings or any other official business until later, but if you do that then you’re just going to end up with it hanging over your head causing more stress than it needs to. The best thing that you can do is to get it out of the way as quickly as possible. Things like repairs, insurance claims and anything else that needs to be dealt with should be very high on your list of priorities. If you’re not feeling up to dealing with it all at once then just break it down into smaller chunks that you can deal with one at a time. If you can deal with these things early on it means that you can put them out of your mind while you focus on looking after yourself and moving on from the accident.


Think about your finances


For the vast majority of people, their car is tied in very closely to their ability to work and earn money. Without a car then you may not be able to get into work at all. Or even worse than that, if you suffered an injury because of the crash, then it could put you out of commission for quite a decent length of time. This means that your finances could be put in jeopardy. If you have a network of people who are able to support you financially while you’re recovering or waiting for a new car then that’s fantastic, but that’s not always an option, bills have to be paid after all. Make sure that you think carefully about how much you could be losing based on how much time you’ll be spending unable to work. It’s also a good idea to remember that, if the accident wasn’t your fault then you’re probably entitled to a decent amount of compensation, especially if you were injured and unable to work. Whatever kind of accident you were in, you can find more information about the kind of support that you can get online at


Get help if you need it

It’s extremely important to remember that if you feel like you’re struggling to deal with the trauma of the crash, especially if it was particularly serious, that’s alright. Make sure to talk to the people around you and let them know what you’re dealing with. You might also want to speak to a professional. Many people have found counseling to be a massively helpful process to help them deal with the feelings left over after any form of accident. Far too many people assume that a car crash is the kind of thing they should just bounce back from and then end up not getting the help that they really need. This can have some dangerous long-term effects, so it’s far better to acknowledge that you need help rather than pretending that everything is fine. There are plenty of places that offer trauma counseling, and there is also a whole host of different alternative treatments that you can try like hypnotherapy and CBT.


Get back on the road (when you’re ready)


This one is kind of a tricky balancing act and, in the end, it comes down mostly to how you feel at any given time. It’s important not to let driving become too much of a source of fear and anxiety. For many of us, driving isn’t just something that we do to get from A to B; it’s fun! Driving can be a fantastic and exciting symbol of independence. You shouldn’t let a bad experience like a crash get in the way of that. The longer you leave it after an accident before getting back behind the wheel, the scarier it’s going to be in the long run. But at the same time, don’t force yourself to do anything you’re not comfortable with. If you try to push yourself too hard, then you’re going to end up feeling awful every single time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle. As long as you only do what you’re comfortable with, you should be just fine. It’s a good idea to start small. Just drive around the block a few times so that you can get used to being on the road again. Don’t assume that you’ll automatically be back to cruising down the highway straight after a crash. It also might not be a bad idea to go back to the place where the accident happens. The more often you can drive along that road, the more you will replace the idea of it being the location of a crash with it being just another place along your route. For the first few times, drive on it when things are quiet and if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t force yourself.


Drive safely

When you are out on the road, make sure to drive as safely as possible. You might not be able to control the weather or make other drivers more responsible but there are things that you can do to make your experience out on the road far safer. Defensive driving is a fantastic way to make yourself as safe and secure as possible. It’s a method of being able to drive in a way that uses a combination of common sense and risk prediction so that you can help to reduce the risks of any of accidents out on the road. By being as aware as you can and learning to anticipate different driving scenarios, you’ll not only be safer when you’re driving, but you’ll also be able to feel more confident and secure when you finally feel comfortable to get the behind the wheel again.


Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to deal with something like a car crash. Whether it’s a small fender bender or a serious accident, it’s alright to feel shaken up by it. You might be the kind of person who can jump back into the driver’s seat, or you might find it more difficult even to be a passenger anymore. Whatever happens, the most important thing is to look after yourself. You don’t want your car to become something that you’re scared of. If you do things in your own time and don’t put too much pressure on yourself, you’ll be able to get back out on the road before you know it.


Car accidents are pretty common these days, and they affect many people. The trick is not to let yourself be defined by your car accident. Yes, you might have written your car off, or gotten injured, but you need to understand this is not the end of the world. There is so much you can do to deal with the aftermath of a car accident. Don’t let it define you and dictate your life. Here are some of the things you need to do in the event of a car accident.

Car Accident

Hire Lawyers

It’s important to protect yourself legally, and get the best possible outcome for you. That’s why you need to make sure you hire lawyers to represent you. There might be a number of issues that occur after your accident. And you may decide you’d like to claim compensation. As such, it’s important to think about what you can do to ensure your claim is as successful as possible. You’ll need to choose the best accident attorney you can find to take charge of this for you. Protecting yourself in a legal sense after being involved in a car accident is really important. You have to make sure you choose the right kinds of people to represent you. That’s why you should take the time to look at what lawyers are around, and see who you can find to represent you.

Get Yourself Checked Out

As well as the legal side of things, you also need to get yourself checked out. In fact, the two go very much hand in hand, because you may need medical treatment. And, if you do, you have to make sure you focus on compensation. But, one of the first things you should do after your accident is to get yourself to the doctor or hospital. You need to be checked out, and they need to run some tests. These are important for finding out what sort of state you are in and making sure things aren’t going to get worse. There are a lot of things you can do that might help you to get better after a car accident. But, one thing’s for certain, and that is that you need to get yourself checked out by medical professionals. Once you have taken care of this, you will be able to think about the other concerns.

What Condition is Your Car In?

It’s important to check yourself out, sure. But, you also have to make sure you look at what condition your car is in as well. Some accidents leave a car with a few dents and scratches, and these can easily be repaired. But, other cars are completely written off, and these will need to be replaced. The good news is that is what you’re insurance is for. It’s exactly reasons like this that are why we have to have car insurance. Hopefully, you will have a good enough just premium that you will be covered no matter what state your vehicle is in. This is important because you need to make sure you have a safe and functioning car, and that might sometimes mean replacing your existing one with a new one.

Don’t let your car crash define your life; do as much as you can to make sure you are decisive and that you take charge. Make the right decisions, and don’t let your accident, and the aftermath of it, define the rest of your life.


Unfortunately, accidents are a part of life if you own a car. All you can do is try your best to avoid them and take the necessary steps when one does occur. Hopefully, that will be enough to keep you safe on the roads. But, what happens when an accident occurs and you need to find out who was to blame? It is never nice apportioning blame, but it is an important part of the process. After all, you might need to prove it in court someday. To find the answer to the question, take a look at the following.

Car Accident

Get A Copy Of The Police Report

When you have a collision, you will need to call the police to the scene of the accident. Don’t worry because they won’t start arresting people at a whim. What they will do is attend the scene to see if they can work out who was to blame. The police have lots of resources at their disposal including forensic experts and CCTV footage. With these, they will be able to decide they think was to blame. If that person isn’t you, it is important that you obtain a copy of the police report. The report is an unbiased account, and it carries a lot of weight.

Talk To A Lawyer


Apart from police officers, lawyers also deal with car accidents on an everyday basis. Those of you that need help after a car crash will turn to them for their expertise and knowledge. It is their skill that will help you figure out who was to blame. Arrange a meeting and relay the details of the incident. Don’t leave anything out because the smallest detail could be vital. Afterwards, listen to their judgment. If they think you have a case, it is because they think the accident wasn’t your fault. They might not be as iron-clad as a police report, but they know their onions.


And Your Insurance Company


The great thing about your insurance company is that they will liaise with the opposing party. As a result, they will have all of the details at their fingertips. Plus, they are about as experienced as it gets when it comes to vehicle accidents. They deal with them every day because it is their job. So, they know when an accident was your fault. If they tell you that you are in the clear, you will be okay. They aren’t one-hundred percent accurate, but they are pretty close.

Consult The Highway Code


Some accidents are easy to solve because of the Highway Code. For example, anyone that drives into the back of you is to blame. It doesn’t matter about the circumstances because they should always be a safe distance behind. If they hit you from behind, they are not traveling at a safe distance. A court will almost always rule in your favor in these circumstances. If you are unsure who is to blame, take a look at the handbook.


The key to a crash is figuring out who was at fault. With these tips, you can do just that.

Nothing else announces itself quite like a car crash: In a sickening instant of crunching metal, it upends what you expected to be just another day.

You already know how to keep yourself in check to avoid a car accident.

You always turn down for pedestrians or bad weather conditions.

It is a sad truth, however, that you can be the most considerate person on the road, but that does not mean you are immune to driving accidents.

Car Accident

Before you start gathering information from the other driver after a crash, it is important to get to safety as quickly as possible. If you had a minor fender bender, you do not have to leave the cars where they are. Often, the police will not come to file a report on a minor accident. Safely move out of the way of traffic, but if you cannot move your car without causing further damage, do not try. Your insurance company should be able to hire a tow truck to move it for you.

Make sure everyone involved in the accident is okay. Get medical attention for anyone who needs it. If a person is unconscious or has neck or back pain, do not move them until qualified medical help arrives, unless a hazard requires moving the person. If anyone is injured, request emergency services as well. Police are not necessarily required for every auto accident, but they do make the claims service go more smoothly. Once you have ensured that the police are on their way, you can return to your vehicle to wait for them.

If you are able to gather all of the information and details, then you should have no problems in the future with asserting your rights to a claim or protecting yourself against a false claim. Printing the list above and storing it in your glove compartment, next to your registration and insurance, will help guarantee that you do not forget any relevant information related to the accident.

Do not forget to call your insurance company. The claim will usually take 10-15 minutes to complete, so wait until you will have an uninterrupted space of time to report the accident. Most of the information your insurance company will ask should be on the police report, so filing the claim should be straightforward.

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It’s been a while since we posted a dash-cam video because most of them are the same, involving inexperienced or drunk drivers crashing their cars. However, this one is quite peculiar as we don’t understand why the woman driving a Hyundai Getz didn’t stop her car when she saw there was a vehicle up ahead. She wasn’t wearing the seatbelt at the moment of impact so the collision caused her to hit the windscreen.

Luckily, the impact wasn’t that brutal so she escaped without any injuries. Chances are the accident occurred due to an unintended acceleration issue.

The driver of this second-gen Renault Megane sedan was most likely in a hurry as he ran a red light and collided with a Lada which was minding its own business. As you will see from the clip, both vehicles started to drift away towards the side of the road and almost hit two girls who were crossing the road.

Luckily for those two very attentive girls, they saw the incoming cars in time and managed to evade an imminent impact which probably would have caused some serious injuries.

In this video we find out once again why it is so important to keep our eyes on the road all the time and pay attention to what’s up ahead. Avoiding distractions is one of the biggest priorities when it comes to driving but the man driving the car in the clip probably wasn’t aware of this thing. His dashboard-mounted camera shows us the car exiting the highway at a higher than recommended speed which causes the vehicle to understeer during the second turn.

The result? He hits the inner side of the barrier which sends the car to the outer side, with the automobile flipping over in the end.

We all have seen numerous types of car-related accidents/incidents but this one is certainly a novelty, at least for us. The following footage was recorded by a security camera somewhere in Asia (possibly Taiwan) and we get to see something that it’s very hard to put into words. There’s a black sedan simply going back and forth hitting other parked cars and also the wall. While this “ritual” is ongoing, at one point a woman opens the door and gets out of the vehicle. It’s possible that she was even hit by that car but eventually she gets up and picks some sort of package and then starts walking as if nothing peculiar happened.