Sure, some cars as so beat up and worthless than you’ll either sell it or send it to the scrapyard. Those aren’t worth spending too much time worrying about. However, other cars do have more value, and it’s worth taking the time to perfect your selling method. Do so, and you’ll receive a healthy lump sum that can go toward the purchase of your next car; get it wrong, and you’ll be left trying to shift a vehicle that only you know the true value of!

Do Your Homework


Let’s start with the basics here. If you’re trying to sell your car, you should be looking at what other people sold the same model for – and how. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to see what kind of selling tactics brought the most amount of money. Two vehicles that are in the same condition can sometimes bring wildly different sale prices. Make sure your car is one that people look to in the future and think: ‘that’s how you sell a car!’


Getting the Ad Right


Take a look at the used cars that are available for sale. There are thousands upon thousand, aren’t there? As such, you need yours to stand out. If you get the ad just right, you’ll get the interest of people. One of the key factors in determining whether people call a person about an ad is the details. If you’ve written a flawless car description that outlines all that is great – as well as bad – about the vehicle, and you’ve also included many high-quality photographs that show the inner details of the car, you’ll have interest.


Showing the Car


It goes without saying that the car should be cleaned to the extent that it is flawless. We’re beyond that. When it comes to showing your car, it’s about being open, accessible, and letting the interested party see the car. List a phone number with your ad – not an email address – and be patient with people’s calls. They’ll be spending a lot of money on this vehicle should they buy it, so it’s understandable that they would have questions. When they come to see it, give them space to look at the vehicle without you leering over them.


Taking Care of the Essentials


For a brief period, you’ll be in the business of car sales. As such, you want to do everything you can to ensure the sale goes through and the customer is happy. If they live far away, offer to ship the car to them via a service such as Shiply. Make sure you have all the vehicle documents in order, and then provide the documents needed to transfer ownership of the car. If the buying process is shown to be smooth, you’ll have more people willing to buy.


Let’s Talk Numbers

You will have put a lot of effort in, so make sure you’re financially rewarded. Don’t accept low bids, and as you know, people always go under sticker price, bump up your asking fee by 10% or so.