Teenager destroys a BMW M3 after hitting rocks on a difficult Arizona road

The teenager you are about to see in this video has probably been playing a lot of Forza 4 / Gran Turismo 5 and he thinks that driving a virtual BMW M3 Coupe is just about the same as driving the real one. He most likely found out that things are a little bit different as after taking his father’s M3 he started speeding on the roads at South Mountain park in Phoenix, Arizona.You will immediately figure out that he is an inexperienced driver by taking into account how he is holding the wheel.He failed to turn on a blind corner and he stopped straight into the rocks on the side of the road. Luckily for him, the teenager had his seatbelt on so he wasn’t injured at all. However, that BMW M3 Coupe was a “total loss”, according to the wannabe racer.

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