The 2013 Audi RS4 is a Car with Incredible Quality

Many people are anxiously waiting for the releasing date of the Audi RS4. There is no exact date to when it will be release but it is said that it will be launched sometime in the fall of the year 2013. The price of this car has not been specified yet but it will be announced when it comes near the releasing date. This car is motorized by a 4.2 liter and produces 450 horsepower at 8,250 rpm. The highest speed of the Audi RS4 is 155 mph but if customers would like to have the top speed limiter removed then the Audi will remove it for the customers which will increase the speed of the car to a great rate of 174 mph. This car is able to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just a matter 4.7 seconds. The Audi RS4 gives the customers an opportunity to be able to choose between eight colors: solid finish, metallic finish, four different pearl effect colors, and two pigmented crystal colors the Prism Silver and the Panther Black. The great thing about this car is that the individuals is able to choose from a wide range of colors and find one that works best for them.

Audi RS 4

The exterior features of the Audi RS4 include a single frame grille with a beautiful finish. At the front and the back of the car there are LED lights. The bumper of this car is quite like the one that would be present on a racecar. At the rear of the car there is a roof spoiler that has an exhaust system with oval tailpipe caps. The interior features include an amazing stereo system that plays all your favorite music with the push of a single button. There is also an air conditioning system that provides cool air on a summer hot day and a heater that keeps you warm in wintery weather. The seats of this car are super comfy and are designed to provide comfort to the driver and the passengers while they enjoy the car ride.

When you hit the brakes on different types of roads the electromagnetic power setup allows the driver to keep the car stable and steady at all times. The standard front brake rotors are surrounded by eight piston calipers. There is also dynamic steering with a speed sensitive and electronic damper system. The wheels of the Audi RS4 are new and polished 19 inch, ten spoke aluminum wheels, but there will also the option of 20 inch wheels for the customers to choose from so that they will be able to obtain the wheels for their car that they want and like the most. If you are thinking about purchasing a new car in 2013 or any time in the future then you should definitely consider buying the incredible Audi RS4 because it is really one of the best cars that that will be released in the year 2013.


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