The 4 Worst Driving Habits To Kick To The Curb

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been driving for decades or whether you have recently passed your test, you may still have accrued a ridiculous amount of bad driving habits. While you may think that it’s only other road users that fail to indicate when turning off a roundabout, you should take a look at your own skills on the road to see if you have fallen into these bad driving ways. It’s only on your test that you drive with ten to two hands and never have your hand on the gear stick unless you’re actually changing gears. Take a look at these bad habits and see if you can kick them to the curb.

The Yellow Box Junction Stalker


We all know those drivers who insist on forgetting every page of the Highway Code. Instead, these individuals choose to make their own rules up. Rather than recognizing that a yellow box junction signifies that you shouldn’t enter unless your exit is clear, some drivers are like moths drawn to a light. They will purposefully find themselves in the most awkward position within the yellow box junction so that traffic comes to a standstill. The oddest aspect to this is that they are almost always oblivious or so embarrassed that they refuse to make eye contact with any other driver around them.


The Middle Lane Hogger


People who use the middle lane of a highway come what may tend to get on all road users nerves. It doesn’t matter what is going on around them, this particular driver will choose to hog the middle lane doing a couple of miles below the speed limit. As such, drivers either side are overtaking or more dangerously, undertaking to get ahead. The selfishness of these drivers is a sight to behold.


The Slob Driver


There is nothing worse than seeing a driver who takes no pride in their vehicle. The beat-up banger they have hasn’t seen a service at an auto repair centre in years, has rust peeling from its chassis and needs a good clean. Inside is no better with soda cans, sweet wrappers and filth adorning the seat covers and foot wells. The car is begging for a decent clean. All you want to do is pull these people over, give them a shake and give them the number of a good car wash.


The Arrogant Two Parking Spacer


We’ve all driven around the supermarket car park on a busy day to find no available spaces and a few that are inaccessible because of arrogant drivers who deem their cars too expensive or important or worthwhile to take up a mere single space. Either that or they simply can’t park or don’t care about the car parking lines designating the boundaries of the spot. Their first preference is probably to park in isolation, so there is no chance of them getting a scratch on their beloved car. On occasion, you do see a bike or a supermini attempt to squeeze into the half space they’ve left next to their vehicle which can bring a smile to any face.


If you emulate any one of these types of drivers, it’s time to stop. By being less selfish on the roads, we can make them a safer and more pleasant place to be.

Photo credit : Pexels

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