The Car Problems You Should Never Fix Yourself

Because owning a car is expensive, no one likes forking out money to a mechanic for repairs. And, let’s face it, you are always going to need to car repairs. Although it is good to save money wherever possible, there are some car repairs that you need to treat with respect. By respect, we mean you have to ask a specialist to have a look at the problem. Otherwise, you could do serious damage to you and the car.

Take a look at the problems we think we should never attempt if you are not a qualified mechanic.


Brake Failure

The majority of people don’t need telling that brake failure can be potentially fatal. If the brakes decide not to work, there is no way of stopping safely. Plus, brakes are notoriously sensitive, and you can cause damage with the smallest interference. Brake repair is probably the most important repair there is when it comes to your car. Do not put your life and the life of your passengers in danger for the sake of a few dollars.

Steering Issues

If the steering starts to feel light and you feel like you don’t have the same control, you have a problem. However, the problem is not always due to a lack of steering fluid. Yes, it may be the case that the fluid levels are low and are affecting the steering. However, it could be something entirely different. Your best option is to let a mechanic diagnose the issue and tell you what action you need to take. Just like the brakes, the steering can cause dire consequences.

Timing-Belt Replacement

After every hundred-thousand miles or so, the timing belt will start to fail. That is not true of every make and model, but it is a general habit of timing belts. The reasons you don’t want to try and fix them yourself are two-fold. Firstly, the timing belt is a complicated piece of equipment. Unless you have the right amount of knowledge, you won’t be able to wing your way through the repair process. And secondly, it is one of the most expensive repairs on a car. If you do more damage, you will have to fork out a fortune.

Transmission Repair

The transmission is also a complicated piece of equipment. A simple procedure like maintenance flush or a fluid change might sound easy, but they are far from easy. One small mistake, such as missing a piece of dirt, could completely wreck the transmission. Improper cleaning is one of the biggest mistakes most car owners make, so don’t let it be you too. Like all industrial items, one small mistake with your car has major consequences for the rest of the vehicle.


Overheating is not something to mess with because it masks other problems. On the face of it, overheating just seems like a problem with the radiator or something benign. However, there lies the big problem – you don’t know for sure that caused the car to overheat. Until you do, you cannot attempt to make repairs.

The only way to get a diagnosis is to see a professional.

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