The History of Lamborghini in 4 Cars

There is no car manufacturer more synonymous with speed and style than Lamborghini. The Italian car giant has been going since 1963 and over the past half a century, Lamborghini has released some of the greatest cars the world has ever seen. They combine luxury, speed and incredible designs in a totally unique way. Even a car novice can spot a Lamborghini from a mile away!That didn’t happen by accident though. The Lamborghini brand has seen a gradual progression through the years. Each model seems to build upon the one that came before while remaining identifiably related to one another. Here is the history of Lamborghini in 4 essential cars.


Lamborghini 350 GT – 1964

The 350 GT was the very first car to be driven off the production line at Lamborghini. And what a start it was, it was evident from the very beginning that Lamborghini was a manufacturer to be reckoned with. It was revealed at the Geneva motor show in March 1964. It was well received, and its success gave the young company the kick start it needed.

At that point in time, the big player in the sports car market was Ferrari. Ferrari knew they had a serious challenger for the first time when the 350 GT landed though. It wasn’t yet the angular Lamborghini we’ve come to know now, but its style was undeniable.


Lamborghini Countach – 1974

Although the 305 GT was great and iconic, you could say that the Lamborghini we now know and love really arrived in 1974 with the Countach. It was the first model to employ the iconic angular, wedge-shaped design that the manufacturer has since become synonymous with. The Countach pushed the boundaries of the mid-size sports car like no other before it.

It was also one of the first sports cars to reach 200 miles per hour. That’s no small achievement, and ti managed to cement the place of Lamborghini in the annals of sports car history. The car was even illegal in the United States until 1982, showing how advanced the car was seen as being.

Lamborghini Diablo – 1990

Unfortunately, the Countach ran out of steam and its production ended in 1988. But that paved the way and left the door open to the Lamborghini Diablo, which arrived at the very start of the nineties. A lot of people might see the Diablo as being a stepping stone between the Countach and the Murcielago. I think that position underestimated the power and beauty of the Diablo though.

The Diablo was a striking and remarkably fast car even before the GT version arrived. It wasn’t called Diablo, which means devil in Spanish, for no reason. It looked menacing with its orange, low to the ground body, and it had the speed too.

Lamborghini Diablo

Lamborghini Gallardo – 2003

For me, the best of Lamborghini’s most recent output is the Gallardo. It only arrived in 2003 but quickly became one of the most iconic cars the company ever made. There aren’t many prestige Lamborghini vehicles that have this much pull and sway with the consumer. And it wasn’t just a hit with customers either, it goes around the track like no Lamborghini before it.

No car arrives without influence, but Lamborghini have made it their mission to create a continuing line of cars, each one building on the one before it.

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