Tips to Keep Your Motorcycle Running Smoothly

In many ways, a motorcycle is a lot like the human body; it needs lots of quality fuel and regular attention if it is to perform at its peak, and if it is neglected, it will become slow sluggish and perhaps even dangerous for its own. So, take care of your motorcycle!

Here are some tips to ensure your bike always runs smoothly:


Keep It Clean


Letting your motorcycle get and stay dirty will not only make it more dangerous, by obscuring the console and covering the lights, but it will also lead to a buildup of gunk that could cause parts to fail and lead to the formation of rust. If your bike doesn’t look like the new inventory from Texas Best Used Motorcycles, it’s time to clean it. A bit of WD40 on a sponge works wonders for this purpose.


Maintain Tire Pressure


Ensuring that your motorcycle’s tires are always at the right pressure level is extremely important if you want to get more bang for your buck in the fuel department. The only times your tires should be below optimum pressure levels is when you plant to ride on slippery surfaces or sand.


Take Care of the Brake Pads

The whole point of owning a motorcycle, for many people at least, is the ability to ride at high speeds. If your brake pads are dirty or worn down, you won’t be able to do this safely, so check and clean them regularly, replacing them when they’re too worn down to function optimally. Check the brake fluids at least every eight weeks too, for that matter!


Check the Chain


Your motorcycle’s chain should always be tight. If it is even just a little bit looser than it should be, it becomes dangerous, and you will get fewer miles for your money. If the chain comes off while you’re moving, it could also damage your bike’s casing.


Of course, a chain that is too tight can also cause problems if it snaps, so it’s a good idea to consult your motorcycle’s manual for optimum tension levels.


Check the indicators


Every day, you should check that your indicators work before you set off because being on the road without them is very dangerous, and could lead to you being rear-ended and seriously injured, along with your bike being written off.


Oil Changes


You should change your motorcycle’s oil on a regular basis, to avoid degradation, which could cause your engine problems. You should also ensure that you’re using the grade of oil that is recommended in your vehicle’s user manual.


Wheel Alignment


Ensuring that your wheels are always correctly aligned will help to ensure that when you drive over speed humps or potholes, the impact is not so great that your bike falls over or falls apart! If you don’t know how to check correct alignment yourself, taking your bike to the shop every few weeks is worth the expense and the effort, not least because it will help to keep you safe on the road.

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