Volkswagen Golf GTI and R modified by RevoZport

The Volkswagen Golf GTI and R have both been upgraded by the tuners at RevoZport who installed a more aggressive body which includes several carbon fiber parts such as the side skirts, rear wing and front spoiler lip. There’s also a custom exhaust system made from titanium which is 50 percent lighter compared to the stainless steel exhaust fitted on the stock cars. The hot hatchbacks have also received a remapped ECU and a stage two induction. Opt for the R and you also get a carbon Kevlar composite hood that has cooling vents and ducts, along with beefier wheels and a double deck front splitter.

Volkswagen Golf R by RevoZport

In terms of output, the Volkswagen Golf GTI develops 230 HP (169 kW) in standard configuration but RevoZport’s engineers have managed to bump power to 290 HP (213 kW) from the same four-cylinder, 2.0-liter turbo engine. The R now packs 40 HP (29 kW) more than before which means it churns no less than 340 HP (250 kW).

Volkswagen Golf GTI by RevoZport

Source: RevoZport

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