Volkswagen Golf GTI to receive optional carbon fiber roof

Volkswagen has made an interesting announcement the other day through the voice of Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg who is VW’s research and development boss. He spoke about a future optional carbon fiber roof which will be available for the high-performance Golf which most likely means the GTI and possibly the most powerful diesel offered, the GTD model. He didn’t disclose any details about when the carbon fiber roof will go on sale or about how much will it cost customers willing to lower the curb weight of their cars and the center of gravity.

2013 Volkswagen Golf GTI

He did say that a Golf with the carbon fiber roof installed will weigh between 18 lbs and 20 lbs (8.16 kg and 9.07 kg) less than the standard model. Volkswagen is working right now on figuring out how to manufacture a set of waterproof joints in order to seal the roof to the body sides as well as the windshield.

Source: Edmunds

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