What you should know about FM transmitters before buying one for your car

Keeping up with technology can be a tricky thing to do but nobody can argue with the benefits development of tech brings, including in the automotive industry. Let’s take for example a car which doesn’t provide support for an external audio source. You can easily gain this support by purchasing an FM transmitter from MobileFun which represents an aftermarket device that allows you to connect the audio from the earphone jack of a portable audio device (like an MP3 player or iPod). Once this connection is made, you will then be able to hear through the car’s speakers the sound coming from the audio source.


As far as installation is concerned, this can be done by just about everyone as it’s very easy to setup such a configuration. Let’s take for example this FM transmitter for smartphones which connects to the phone via the 3.5mm headphone jack and to the car’s stereo via the USB port. This particular model doesn’t have a frequency limit and will give you the possibility of charging the smartphone while using it as an audio source.

The foldable cable is long enough so you can easily use it within your car while on the go. The same thing can be said about the FM transmitter itself which has a compact size so it won’t occupy a lot of space in your car. Needless to say, it can be used not only in your car, but also at home so it’s a versatile product.

Such products can be found at online stores which sell smartphone accessories like batteries, car kits, headsets, chargers, holders and other similar products. You won’t have to pay a lot of money since the FM transmitter we talked about costs only $19.49 which in our opinion is a lot of bang for the buck.

Note: Photo is for illustration purposes only.

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