Which cool used cars can you buy for less than $10,000?

At first you might believe that $10,000 or less are simply not enough to purchase a car which is commonly considered as being cool. However, this is not true as the infographic below created by KenGarffUsed.com gives a few examples which match the criteria. At the top of their list is the American pony car- the Ford Mustang. They are referring to the V6-powered models manufactured between 2002 and 2004 which have been driven for around 43,000 to 93,000 miles and cost approximately $4,000 to $5,000. These V6 Mustangs are also cheaper to insure in comparison to more powerful models in this segment and they also provide better fuel economy.


Another relevant example would have to be the first generation of the Ford Focus, regardless if it’s the three-door ZX3 or the five-door ZX5 model. It offers a comfortable yet sporty ride combined with a generous cargo capacity thanks to the hatchback body style.

Source: KenGarffUsed.com

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