Why Cars Are Taking A Turn For The Worse

When cars were first created, they really were a thing that amazed so many people. Things were a lot easier back then as technology hadn’t advanced as much as it had today. Things such as environmental factors were just not an issue. The race to produce the best cars didn’t cloud the vision of what a car should actually be. So when you look at the grand scheme of things, are cars taking a turn for the worse? Some will argue absolutely not. They’re getting quicker, better looking, lighter, and more economical. But there’s a lot of reasons to suggest that the car game is taking a turn for the worse. This article is here to explore some of the reasons why.



The environmental factors are one of the main reasons in which cars are taking a turn for the worse. Granted, a lot of manufacturers are trying to do something about the emissions their cars are letting out. But let’s take the whole Volkswagen scandal where they had rigged the tests that determined the emissions from their diesel cars. Thousands of cars were taken off the road until they were deemed safe enough in terms of emissions to use. So how many other car manufacturers are using this technique? It is worrying to think of. The effects it has on our environment really are terrible. It is one of the main contributes to global warming, and we now know that our ice caps are melting at the quickest rate they ever have, and our world is warming up at an alarming rate. The damages this is going to have on things such as our wildlife and landscape will be horrendous. It might not be in our lifetime, but if could affect the lives of our great grandchildren. It is also having a nasty affect on the air we breathe. Some countries are now so polluted due to the fumes things such as cars are letting out. This has damaging effects to our health, more than people care to realise. Lung conditions are on the rise, and experts are saying it is due to the rising levels of pollution in the air.




Each year the number of people that are on the roads is on the rise. Thousands of people pass their test each year and start to clog up the roads even more than they already are. But what are we doing about it? Well, nothing really. The roads aren’t getting bigger, only the traffic is. It is becoming more appealing for people to drive to save on expenses and delays that the public transport system has. But, unfortunately, this leads to so many new accidents a year. There’s a statement that suggests you won’t go through your life whilst driving without having a crash. So at least one time that you leave your house you might not come back with a nice car again. But even more worrying than that, the number of fatalities that you’ll see on the roads really is on the rise. Hausmann-McNally car accident lawyers are seeing the number of cases that they are having to deal with rise massively over the years. There’s so many reckless drivers out there that are putting the lives of so many people at risk each year. There’s around 2 million serious injuries or fatalities on the roads due to the fact other people are just not safe on the roads. There’s also a rise in the number of drink and drug drivers on the road, which is even more worrying for safety.




If you drive, you’ll know how annoyingly expensive it is to do. The prices are constantly on the rise for everything. The first thing you need to think about is the price of actually buying the car. Unless you’ve got a lot of money already given to you, you’re going to be saving for a long while, especially if you want a brand new car. Then you’ll have to think about the price of insurance. If you’re a new and young driver, you should expect to be paying through the nose. If you’re a bit older, but it’s still your first time applying for insurance, you’ll still be expected to pay a hell of a lot. Then there’s the price of actually running the car. If you don’t have one that’s economical, you’re definitely going to be paying a fortune in fuel prices. Fuel prices are another thing that always seems to be on the rise.


So, after reading this what would your verdict be, do you still think cars are getting better?


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