2013 Tesla Model S Fantastic Electrical Car That Has Amazing Performance

There are many wonderful cars that will be launched in 2013, but the 2013 Tesla worths any attention. This car is an electric one which can be charged and has a 70 kW battery system. The car has four doors and roomy interior for at least 6 people to fit in. The car has good acceleration and the maximum speed that a person can drive the 2013 Telsa Model S is at 120 miles per hour. The price of this car starts from $57,400 and ranges from 59,860.

The car has an interior camera which allows the driver to see how close they are to other cars on the road. This prevents accidents on the road. The Telsa Model S has signature performance and has a huge battery that can be charged over and over again. It is known to be good for the environment because it does not pollute the air and does not require gas. It is fast on the road and has a rear power inverter which is an excellent quality for a car to have. The ride can be found in many colors but the most popular colors are silver, blue, grey, brown and metallic. The buyer has the option of choosing the color of the roof . The car also has a nice radio system and allows people to insert their iPods into the USB system to listen to their favorite music. The seating in the car is quite comfortable and this  is good for a medium sized family. There is a 17 inch touch screen television inside the 2013 Telsa Model S which adds to its great appearance. The driver can listen to the radio and connect to the internet with the 3GB wireless internet.

2013 Tesla

This car has great performance and is known for its Quick Charging ability. Buyers can customize their car with glass panoramic roofs, metallic long lasting paint, and a navigation system. These things come with the car and will give you satisfaction of a stylish looking vehicle. This car is also known for its safety and there are airbags installed in the car if there is every an emergency. An HID head lamp is also a feature that comes with the car and it makes a huge difference while you are driving the car.

If you are one of those people that are looking to get a car in 2013 then this car is environment friendly and is good for everyone. It is said to have loads of space and it is quite comfortable to travel in. The battery charging is very easy to do and you can get on the road quickly because it does not take long for the battery to charge. The new and improved technology will blow the minds of people and everyone will want this car because of all the great features that it has to offer to its customers.

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  • Not to nitpick or anything, but it’s the 2012 Model S. Tesla has stated that it does not plan on following the traditional automotive practice of dating model years. The year that the car is released is the model year, period.