2014 Ford C-MAX Hybrid introduced

The Blue Oval company is proud to announce the introduction of the 2014 C-MAX Hybrid which comes along with several modifications meant to make the car more fuel efficient. The vehicle will be going on sale in December this year and will come with a bunch of aerodynamic updates such as updated tire deflectors, brand new A-pillar moldings, uprated hood seals, as well as changed tailgate deflectors. Ford also mentions the new C-MAX Hybrid comes with low-friction engine oil, updated gearing and software optimization for the climate control system and active grille shutter.

2014 Ford C-MAX Hybrid

While testing for the 2014 Ford C-MAX Hybrid as far as fuel consumption has not been finalized at the moment of writing, we remind out that the current 2013 model is rated at 43 mpg in the combined cycle. This mpg figure is 4 mpg lower than it used to be before Ford decided to revise the fuel economy label. Those who already purchased the car will receive from Ford “goodwill” payments ranging from $325 to $550 which might not sound like a lot but certainly it is better than nothing.

Source: Ford

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