2015 Subaru Legacy leaked

Less than a week ago Subaru released a teaser photo for the next generation of the Legacy and now the first official images with the vehicle have hit the web, prior to a reveal set for Thursday. While the teaser pic showed some potential, the real deal isn’t as impressive as we would have expected, especially taking into consideration how wonderful the Legacy concept was when it came out in November 2013 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The overall styling fails to impress as the car looks a lot like something you would see from Hyundai and Kia.

2015 Subaru Legacy-1

The 2015 Subaru Legacy shows some design cues borrowed from the WRX while on the inside the instrument cluster has been redesigned and there’s also an all-new center console.

2015 Subaru Legacy-3

Other changes worth mentioning would have to be the steering wheel and the addition of more upscale materials.

2015 Subaru Legacy-2

Source: LegacyGT.com

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