2016 Mercedes GLS spied in motion

A prototype of the 2016 Mercedes GLS was spotted testing in Germany a few days ago. If the name of the SUV sounds unfamiliar, that’s because the Daimler-owned marque plans on replacing the “GL” moniker with “GLS” to better show the company’s largest SUV will have roughly the same size as an S-Class. However, this isn’t an all-new model as it will be merely a mid-cycle refresh bringing some light revisions to both front and rear bumpers along with a few tweaks to the headlight and taillight clusters. As you can see from the attached footage, the side profile of the car appears to remain unchanged.

2016 Mercedes GLS
2016 Mercedes GLS

We don’t get to see the interior cabin in this video but most likely the 2016 Mercedes GLS will come with just about the same array of updates as the ones implemented in the GLE (ML facelift). Additional equipment and an updated infotainment system are on the menu, along with an extended array of safety & assistance systems.

Chances are the engine lineup will be carried over from the outgoing version, but there might be some tweaks to cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. We will know for sure in the months to come as Mercedes-Benz has already promised to show the GLS before the year’s end.

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