2018 Ford Focus Electric teased

The 2018 Ford Focus Electric is making its online debut courtesy of an official teaser image prior to next year’s launch. It will feature a newly developed fast-charge DC system allowing owners to recharge the battery pack to an 80% capacity in around 30 minutes. This will be enough battery juice to grant a range of around 100 miles which should be more than enough for a day. In addition, the all-electric compact hatchback will employ a SmartGauge featuring an EcoGuide LCD instrument cluster which will be highly customizable and will allow the drive monitor the car’s energy usage.

2017 Ford Focus Electric
2017 Ford Focus Electric

The 2018 Ford Focus Electric will receive a bespoke Brake Coach that will teach the driver how to maximize the energy obtained via the vehicle’s built-in Regenerative Braking system. Other details about the model are scarce at the moment, but the Blue Oval company mentions it will feature agile handling and steering along with a “fun-to-drive character.”

Production of the model will kick off towards the end of next year which means it will effectively go on sale as a 2018 model year. Ford goes on to specify they plan on selling the zero-emission Focus in North America as well as in Europe. There’s no word about pricing yet, but we will find it out in the months to come.

Source: Ford

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