A Narcissistic View on Men and Their Trucks

A shining armor-like king of the road that is built to last the test of time, enter the world of  men and their ultimate truck fantasy.

Blame it on culture,  social balances and superiority, men still love the power that the Dodge Ram Truck gives them.

Yes, even these days when gender equality is the norm,  men are put in a pedestal when seen driving powerful Dodge trucks. You can view the many Dodge Ram truck models by visiting www.hoffmanchryslerjeepdodge.com .

2014 Ram 1500-1

A Psychological Fact

Studies have suggested that men driving powerful trucks like the Dodge literally elevates a man in his stature. In a study conducted by Pickuptruck.com, surprisingly, majority of men prefer trucks from relationships, television and even women. Now, is there something wrong with this picture? Of course not, men are always drawn to big powerful things.  An astounding statistic showed that 64% of men think that truck is a reflection of their masculinity. One standout truck that men prefer more is the Dodge  Ram Truck.

In a typical wild west movie scene, a bearded, toned man in his boots comes out of his truck to be wooed by women. That is the power of the Dodge Ram Truck. With an unprecedented 5.7 V6 FFV 24-VVT valve engine and Torque Filte 8-sp Auto 8HP Trans Rotary Shifter, women will surely love men in trucks.  It comes out simple and yet packed with a powerful punch.

The Technical View On Dodge Trucks and Men

Now aside from the Narcissistic View that men and their trucks are often associated with,  there are still reasons why men love trucks.  Be he an outdoorsy type or a Ranger, men love the Dodge’s power,  utility and toughness. Back in the days, truck owners were lucky enough to get an AM radio with a vinyl seat for an improvement. Technological advances has created quite a stir in the automobile industry. Today, modern trucks  come with not just an air-conditioning unit but with navigation systems, heated steering wheels and leather seats.

Men are born adventurous, which is why the Dodge Ram is packed with an all terrain capability.  Even when the truck’s interiors went soft, it does not mean the exterior will follow. No, the Dodge Truck remains strong and with an unmatched all terrain capability.

Men grow old but their love for toys never does. It’s just the play things that grow. Boys love little trucks pulling over another toy, let’s use a boat. Men also love these scene, his truck pulling another one of his favorite toy-boat. The Dodge ram truck provides this capability as it pulls up one of its strongest and powerful engines to date.

Just when people thought Men are careless and instantly dives into the next opportunity that comes before their eyes; they are mistaken,. Men are originally born on the safe side. But it does not mean that the Dodge truck lacks adventure, it just takes safety into a whole new level, typically the Dodge which is manufactured with safety control features built to withstand careless drivers on the road.

Men and Trucks probably have more similarities that people can only think of right now. As of this moment, the Dodge Ram says it all.

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