What are air compressors?

If you like doing DIY or you work in construction, then you will probably have a lot of the tools already.

However, if you do not then knowing which ones to buy can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to knowing which ones to choose. This article will look at the pros and cons of using air compressors and air tools for your work.

What are air compressors and air tools?


There are lots of places online, such as S G S Engineering Solutions, where you can go to find out information on what air compressors and air tools are, and which ones you should buy depending on what job you want to use it for. An air compressor turns engine power into compressed air that is stored into a tank. Then, when it is stored in there it is released by a power tool that allows it to operate until the pressure in the tank drops and the process starts again.

What are the advantages of using air tools?

If they are attached to an air compressor this becomes a dedicated power source to the tool and allows you to work faster than you might be able to if you were working with a simple hand tool.

You can also add other accessories on to certain air tools that might help you to complete the work faster, such as adding sanders to floor tools.

What are disadvantages of air tools?

While air compressors and air tools can make it easier and faster for you to do the job that you need to do, but, they can become bulky and not very portable, as well as noisy.

How do I decide which air compressor to buy?

How you decide which air compressor that you should buy will depend on what kind of job you want to use it for.

You can get ones that are powered by fuel as well as electricity. Which of these you choose will depend on the type of compressor and tool that you want to use. Using one that is powered by fuel can make it easier if you are working in a remote area rather than your home, but then you have to ensure that you have a constant supply.

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