Ariel unleashes Atom 3.5

Ariel has unveiled an update for the shockingly fast Atom 3. Known as the 3.5, the revised Atom comes with an entirely new chassis based on the one that the automaker used for the previous Atom V8 and Mugen editions, promising to improve torsional rigidity and stiffness as well.

According to Ariel, thanks to the updated engine mounts and the new dampers, the Atom 3.5 is now capable of providing a more compliant on road experience and also better balance and traction while tackling the track to get the best lap time possible. This lightweight sports car has been fitted with a digital LCD screen with gear shift lights, as well as LED turn and tail lights and twin projector headlamps.

The hood has also suffered some modifications, while a data logger can be installed to the driver’s display, showing G forces and lap times. The Ariel Atom 3.5 is available just as before in two versions, with a normally aspirated engine or with the supercharged version. The power unit is a Honda-sourced iVTEC 2.0-liter that in the first version is capable of generating 245 hp, while in the supercharged form it now produces 310 hp, making it 10 hp more powerful in comparison to the previous Atom 3. The additional horsepower squeezed comes from the changes made to the fuel system, mapping and intake.

Source: Autocar

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