Audi TT RS gets Black & White Edition from PP-Performance

There is a new upgrade kit available for the Audi TT-RS and it comes from the engineers working at PP-Performance. They teamed up with Cam Shaft for the black and white foil wrap which provides the car with its own special identity. We also notice that the stock wheels have been removed in order to make room for glossy black powder coated ones which on the outer surface have a high polish look. The tuner used carbon fiber to produce the vehicle’s rear wing, exterior mirrors, diffuser, bonnet and front lip, while the braking system consists of ceramic discs.

Audi TT RS Black & White Edition by PP-Performance-1

Under the hood we find the same 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo but its output has been bumped to 470 HP and 450 Nm which is significantly more than the stock car that outputs 340 HP and 650 Nm. They were able to reach these impressive figures by mounting a 200-cell metal catalytic convertor, a custom intercooler, sintered metal clutch and a larger fuel pump.
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Source: PP-Performance and Cam Shaft

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