Blue Lexus LF-LC presented at 2012 AIMS

This is the second time we are seeing the superb Lexus LF-LC after its debut in January during the Detroit Auto Show. While that version was painted in red, the car shown at the Australian International Motor Show is wearing a blue hue which makes it look even more beautiful. For now this remains only as a concept but the design of the LF-LC could influence upcoming models wearing the Lexus badge.

The Japanese automaker wanted to keep the curb weight down as much as possible so they extensively used carbon fiber and aluminum.

The powertrain of this concept is known as the Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive and it consists of a conventional gasoline internal combustion engine that works together with an electric motor. There’s also a high-energy battery pack which even though it’s smaller than what Lexus has to offer in production models, it manages to provide more power.

The automaker says that this concept churns 500 hp which makes it one of the most powerful hybrid supercars out there, but at least for now it remains a concept.

Source: WorldCarFans

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