BMW M3 RS by G-Power unleashed

G-Power has released more information about its latest upgrade package for the BMW M3. The “RS” tuning kit includes not only aerodynamic changes but also in-depth modifications under the hood.

In terms of aero, all the custom body parts are built from carbon fiber as a way to lower the M3’s weight and at the same time boost aerodynamic downforce.

Included in this package is a boot lid with tear-off edge, a new front spoiler, a different hood, rear wing or the M3 GTS stock rear wing.

In terms of performance enhancements, G-Power has various packages for the M3 (E92), starting with the Sporty Drive TU which lifts power to 520 HP thanks to a new supercharger, bigger air filter and a modified air intake. SK II adds a different supercharger which increases the output of the engine to 580 HP. There’s also the SK II CS which has an extra fuel pump and a remapped ECU, all for lifting power to 610 HP.

Last but not least, the SK III Sporty Drive brings an ASA T1-723 supercharger and increases the displacement of the engine from 4.0-liters to 4.6-liters, resulting in a total output of 720 HP.

Source: G-Power

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