MTM announces Audi A1 Nardo Edition with up to 450 PS

MTM has announced plans for an Audi A1 Nardo Edition based on the three-door S1 quattro. They took their inspiration from the mesmerizing world of Group B rallying and have come up with one of the most powerful small cars in the world as the TFSI 4-cylinder 2.0-liter engine has been upgraded from the series 231 PS to no less than 427 PS. Moreover, the final version of the engine will be even more powerful as MTM says they can bump output to a total of 450 PS. We don’t have details about the maximum torque, but surely it will be a lot higher than the 370 Nm provided by the standard S1.

MTM Audi A1 Nardo Edition
MTM Audi A1 Nardo Edition

MTM went to southern Italy a the Nardo test facility on the banked oval and managed to reach 201 mph (324 km/h) with the 427 PS Audi A1 Nardo Edition so the 450 PS version will be even quicker. They are analyzing the prospects of putting the model into limited production at €120,000 a pop, but only if they can find ten customers.
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As if this wasn’t impressive already, MTM is thinking about equipping the S1 with the larger 5-cylinder, 2.5-liter engine teamed up with a race-derived sequential transmission, but obviously this will cost even more.

Source: MTM

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