Car crash claims: making petrolheads pay

You’re roaring up the motorway, racing over B roads and C roads in your latest supercar. The smooth ride of the Maserati feels like heaven and, as the pedal hits the metal, you steer this machine with the grace of a pirouetting ballerina.

But then disaster strikes – out of nowhere, a stuttering boxcar slams into your car door. You scream as your car swerves off-road, smashing into a nearby ditch with the dull thud of a football hitting a damp pitch.


Your legs feel like jelly and your neck feels like it’s unscrewed, but you’re alive – which is much luckier than some people.

According to government figures, 24, 580 people were killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads in 2014, a three per cent rise from 2013.

Yet, not every injury from a car accident is blameless, and when human error comes into play it’s time to phone the injury claim lawyers.

Just imagine a world where injury claims didn’t exist – those smirking, baseball cap-sporting petrolheads and piston-stomping Top Gear obsessives would treat the roads like it was Silverstone.

But with the claims process, these nitro-loving menaces will have to think twice before they endanger the lives of others.

And it’s not all about civic duty – you could also rake in the cash if a claim is successful.

The legal ins and outs

With that in mind, what does the claims process involve?

First, you’ll have to pick up the phone and get in touch with a solicitor. Detail everything about your accident to them – the date, severity of injuries, its emotional impact – and your representation will decide if your case has a leg to stand on.

Next up, you’ll have to get your Sherlock hat on and help your representation gather evidence for your claim. CCTV footage, speed camera recordings, police reports, witness statements – everything, no matter how trivial, could be viable in your case.

If you’ve ever watched a courtroom drama, you’ll know that even the smallest piece of evidence can prove to the linchpin of any argument, so make sure you gather everything you can.

After this, you’ll mainly take a back seat in proceedings as your lawyer tries to wangle an out of court settlement.

But if they don’t pull it off, it’s off to court with you. This can be a nerve-racking process for some people, but don’t let the nerves get to you. Provided your case is solid and you put your trust in your representation, you stand a good chance of winning.

Seeking a claim can provide you with closure after a horrendous accident. So if you’ve suffered from a crash, you know exactly who to call.

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