Cool Car Gadgets To Ensure You Steer Clear Of Accidents And Points

There’s nothing worse than taking a ride out in your vehicle and then getting into trouble. Whether that’s with the law or even a car accident, it could see you off the road. And we end up living with regret, wishing we could turn back time. However, there are some ways you can avoid these errors occurring by investing in some new gadgets. In fact, here are some cool car gadgets which will ensure you steer clear of accidents and points.

A dash cam

Cool Car Gadgets

It’s becoming more and more popular to get a dash cam for your car. And it’s no wonder as this cool gadget can save you a ton of money if you get into a crash. If you have it switched on while you are driving, and you do get into an accident, you will have proof that you didn’t cause the crash. And rather than having to accept joint responsibility, you can then make a claim against the other driver to ensure you get your car fixed in no time. It can also stop you getting in trouble with the law as the dash cam will capture the accident. And it will give the police the proof they need to know exactly what occurred. Also, if anyone hits your car while you are not in it, it will show exactly who did it. That way, you can pass the number plate to the police and get them into trouble!

An alcohol breathalyzer immobilizer


If you drive after having too much to drink, you could end up putting your own life in jeopardy, as well as other people around you. After all, you might make vital errors that lead to an accident where people get hurt. And if the police find out that you had been drinking, you could be looking at a stretch inside, as well as a ton of points on your license. In fact, you will need a dui defense lawyer to help you. Therefore, you should consider getting some form of alcohol breathalyzer immobilizer that will prevent you from driving over the limit. That way, even if you aren’t in control, the system will stop you before you make an error. It checks your breath and then will immobilize the engine if you are over the limit. That way, you won’t be able to drive, and it will save you making a big mistake!

A speed alert gadget

It’s easy to zone out when driving. After all, you might be concentrating on getting home, rather than what’s on the road. Therefore, you might end up going through a red light camera or a speed trap going way too fast. And then you could be looking at a huge number of points on your license. Not only this but you could end up in an accident which will leave your car damaged and you potentially injured. Therefore, look into getting some form of gadget which will alert you to stop you making an error. For example, TrapTap will notify you of speed traps and red light cameras in the distance. That way, you can ensure you slow down and avoid penalties and tickets which will leave you sobbing!

And remember to always get your car checked over by having a service annually. That way, you can ensure you don’t have a risky ride!

Photo credit : Pixabay

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