Cruising in the all new Chevrolet Cruze

The all new Chevrolet Cruze has had a makeover and was unveiled at the Beijing Motor show. We’re not just talking a face lift, but a completely different car altogether. The latest addition to the luxury sedan family has been styled in the next generation design called the ‘design with a heartbeat’. With the appearance of coupé-like lines, it is said to be loosely based on the fluidic theme. To suit the Chinese market, the latest Chevrolet has used a sleeker frontal design with headlights that are slightly more pointed and tipped down into two tier grille.

chevrolet cruze

Chevrolet’s Cruze has been a star seller since its launch in the Chinese market and has been contributing 50% of the market share in the C-segment cars.

The car has generous leg room, which is evident from the car’s exterior, and the engine of the car has been developed in cooperation with GM and SAIC which is based on an ecotec small displacement system. The seven speed dual clutch transmission has also been developed by SAIC and GM, and is available in the 1.4 and 1.5 liter turbocharged variants.

The new cruze has its own identity with complete revision in the front grille and design change in the headlamps, tail lamps as well as the interiors. In the latest model, there has been a 14-21% improvement in fuel economy. The car’s look enhances the tadpole-like appearance that has been taken from the Tru Concept that was launched two years ago.

India is yet to receive this new model and it will most likely be introduced with a different name so as to differentiate from the existing model. It is said to be launched in parallel to Hyundai Elantra and Skoda Octavia around the same price range. The latest Chevrolet has been considered as a perfect next-generation prototype of a smart sedan. Its looks are definitely awe-inspiring and it is likely to do roaring business just like its predecessors which are only too ready to accept the upcoming Cruze. It has been dubbed as the evolution of a competent sedan. If you love sedan, participate in the latest car quiz and see if you can spot your favorite model.

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