Dacia Duster pick-up enters limited production

Dacia has joined forces with Romanian coachbuilder Romturingia to create a pick-up conversion for the Duster SUV. The vehicle will not be generally available as all cars are purchased by an important fleet customer from Romania. Initially only 500 cars will be built and already the first 10 have been delivered. Dacia produces the regular Duster and then sends it to Romturingia to turn it into a pickup with two seats and a bed length of 1.7 meters (67 inches), with a payload capacity of up to 450 kg (882 lbs).

Dacia Duster pick-up-1

The Dacia Duster Pick-up is based on the four-wheel drive variant and comes powered by a four-cylinder, 1.5-liter dCi producing 110 HP (81 kW). The model is unlikely to reach mass production since there isn’t any production capacity left at Dacia’s factory in Romania and even if there was, Dacia would only consider building the Duster Pick-up if there was a strong demand to justify the costs with setting up production.
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Source: Dacia & Romturingia

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