Dacia Duster pick-up seen in Romania

What we have here is probably the world’s first and only pick-up version of the Dacia Duster off-roader. The vehicle was created in Romania by a local coachbuilder that goes by the name of Romturingia and they received assistance from Renault Tehnologie Roumanie which could possibly indicate Dacia plans to launch a more utilitarian version of its very popular Duster model. Currently a one-off, the special project is based on the pre-facelifted Duster and adopts a 67-inch (1.7 meter) long bed that can support up to 882 lbs (400 kg).

Dacia Duster Pick-up-1

According to Romturingia, the conversion costs were kept down to a minimum as the engineers used a lot of parts from the stock Duster. Dacia hasn’t mentioned a word about a potential Duster Pick-Up but this might happen in the near future as local fleet customers have sent requests for such a model.

Dacia Duster Pick-up-2

Source: Auto Industry.ro

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