DMC Aventador LP 900 SV revealed

DMC has revealed its latest tuning program for the Lamborghini Aventador. Drawing its inspiration from the one-off Aventador J Speedster, the German tuner has created a special body kit encompassing a new front fascia with a sharp bumper and a massive spoiler. The side skirts have also been redesigned and now they feature diffuser panels, while at the back we notice the revamped bumper with a spoiler and a diffuser. We also can’t miss that impressive rear wing of considerable dimensions. All of the parts that we have enumerated are manufactured by DMC from carbon fiber to lower the curb weight of the Italian supercar.

DMC says that this dramatic styling package will be offered to only ten lucky customers who will be selected by the tuning company. Aside from the new body kit, we notice there is a new set of bespoke alloy wheels rounding up the exterior changes.

The engineers have spent some time tweaking the V12 engine of the Aventador and they’ve managed to increase its output from the standard 700 HP to an impressive 900 HP, hence the “LP 900 SV” designation. Also part of the package are various personalization options for the interior cabin – all coming at a very steep price, we’re sure.

Source: Carscoop

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